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Youth for Change and Action / YOUCA

YOUCA (YOuth for Change and Action) is an organization by and for young people which encourages them to fight for a just society. YOUCA is known for its annual campaign 'YOUCA Action Day' in which more than 17,000 students do not go to school for a day, but do a job instead. Their daily wage goes to a youth project in the South. Before and behind the scenes,depending on their functions and their taking on, young people develop their skills.


Wednesday 18 october 0000 / 00h00

Register for the YOUCA Action Day!

On October the 18th YOUCA organizes its yearly YOUCA Action Day. That day more than 15.000 youngsters from Flanders and Brussels will engage themselves to work, during school hours, a day for a company, the government or an organisation. Their salary, 50 EUR, will finance strong projects for youngsters worldwide. Do you want to give one or more of...

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Tuesday 07 march 2017 / Wednesday 22 march 2017

GEZOCHT: COÖRDINATOR YOUCA vzw (voormalige Zuiddag)

GEZOCHT: COÖRDINATOR YOUCA vzw (voormalige Zuiddag) De vacature: We bieden een uitdagende job in een groeiende en ambitieuze organisatie met een enthousiast team van collegas en vrijwilligers Voltijds contract van onbepaalde duur Werkplaats: Brussel nabij metro Troon Verloning volgens de baremas van de sociaal-culturele sector Extra voordelen:...

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