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We are hiring a Programme Manager

OBESSU is looking for a Programme Manager who will be in charge of OBESSUs projects and programming under the supervision of the OBESSU Secretary General and in cooperation with other members of the OBESSU Secretariat. The Programme Manager will manage the projects team of OBESSU and will ensure the quality implementation of the annual implementation plan and the work plan of OBESSU.

The tasks of Programme Manager will include:

  • Managements of the projects and the projects team (circa 50% of workload)
    • Conceptualising and planning of projects (content, budget, logistics)
    • Managing small to medium projects (20.000 to 400.000 EUR)
    • Contacting OBESSUs Member, Candidate and Affiliate organisations regarding their participation in the projects
    • Contacting hosting organisations, partners and other actors regarding the projects
    • Following-up and reporting of the projects, both financial and narrative 

  • Programme coordination (ca. 30% of workload)
    • Coordinating and harmonising OBESSU projects with the relevant strategic documents 
    • Overseeing of reporting of other projects managed by the team
    • Coordinating the preparation of applications for grants from the European Commission, Council of Europe and other institutions or foundations relevant to the activities of OBESSU
    • Working with a wide variety of donors from the public and private sector
    • Representing OBESSU to the external partners, including institutional and civil society ones
    • Reporting on the developments of the projects team to the Secretary General 

  • Event management (ca 10% of workload)
    • Being responsible over events implementation, including financial management
    • Overseeing the strategic implementation of OBESSU events (e.g. quality assurance strategy)
    • Following up in the creation of the OBESSU Safeguarding policy

  • Communications (ca. 5% of workload)
    • Supporting the Secretariat with internal and external communication for OBESSU related to projects and policy
    • Coordinating the projects dissemination strategy with the Communications officer.

  • Office Administration and other tasks (ca. 5% of workload)
    • Helping with the general administration of OBESSU
    • The Secretariat of OBESSU is small, the workload can be high at certain times and unexpected tasks often appear. All Secretariat members are expected to help each other with ad hoc tasks.

Deadline for application: 4th of November 2019 

More information on the desired profil and application procedure is available here