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Video animation designer wanted

We are looking for a video designer to create an animation for our "Gender ABC" project. More details here

Gender ABC is a two-year education based programme which explores and challenges the negative social norms that drive Gender Based Violence, with students between the ages of 6-18.

This animation will be used both as an educational resource for students and as an information tool for the wider public (online, social media, etc). It will focus on the topic What are gender stereotypes? - using visual animation only, with no spoken or written words - so that it can stimulate debates and be easily adapted to various contexts.

Key messages within the animation should focus on roots and causes related to gender stereotypes and their deconstruction shaping these around child rights. The overall objective of this animation will be to address the question: What are Gender Stereotypes?. This breakdown of gender stereotypes is hoped to prompt follow up questions within the classroom environment that lead to bigger discussions on how these stereotypes can lead to gender based violence. Using child friendly visuals educators will introduce this topic to younger audiences - encouraging engagement with the student community on the issue, which aims to achieve understanding on how gender stereotypes are harmful.