Mundo j


was at first initiated by organizations active in the youth sector. In this eco-renovated building about thirty actors for social change (non-profit, NGO, social economy ...) gathered under the same roof, with a number of communal facilities.

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Thursday 06 february 2020 - 17h45 / 20h30

Film screening - Film Thule Tuvalu | Voices for the Ocean

Facing the consequences of climate change, communities worldwide and in Europe are raising their voices and showing the way to go to tackle climate change. Solutions exist and more can be done to scale-up these solutions. Inspired by these communities, Surfrider Foundation Europe is pleased to invite you to join us for the FREE screening of the...

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Job Offer - Publish What You Pay - Fundraising Manager

Publish What You Pay is network of more than 700 member organisations (including Resource Matters) across the world, advocating for better governance in the extractive industry sector.  JOB DESCRIPTION  Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is seeking a strong writer with a passion for social change and economic justice international development...

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