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Visit Mundo-a on 'Open Wervendag'

On May 6, we'd like to introduce you to Mundo-a during Open Wervendag.  Get to know the building's nooks and crannies and find out what it will become. From 10am until 5pm, the building site is open to all. Guided tours by B-architecten and contractor D'hulst-Van Rymenant will start at 11am (please register through the link below). They...

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2018 Reality of Aid report: submissions on aid and climate change

How do governments and multilateral institutions support climate mitigation and adaptation efforts in developing countries through climate finance? How do they maximize the developmental and poverty impacts of their activities? Do donor countries provide climate financing as beyond and additional to Official Development Assistance in keeping with...

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European Network On Independent Living (ENIL) has one desk space on offer

European Network On Independent Living (ENIL) has one desk available to rent in our office on the 7th floor in Mundo-j in Brussels.   If you are interested in renting a desk or you know someone who is interested, please let us know.   The interested parties will be sharing the office with 5 staff and volunteers of ENIL. We offer a...

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Friday 02 march 2018 - 16h30 / 19h00

CosmoPolitical Party. Discussion Event #1: "Inequalities - what should the EU do?"

CosmoPolitical Party. Discussion Event #1: "Inequalities - what should the EU do?" description: Participate in the definition of the political programme of the recently launched CosmoPolitical Party, a party for social justice, environmental sustainability and trans-national democracy at the scale of the European Union! We will generate ideas and...

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Eurodad is looking for 2 Senior Advocacy and Policy Officers!

Eurodad is looking for 2 permanent positions as Senior Policy and Advocacy Officers: Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer - Tax Justice: The purpose of this role is to help ensure that Eurodads exciting work tackling tax avoidance and evasion that leads to enormous outflows of wealth from developing countries is based on robustly researched...

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