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For the delivery of packages within the 19 Brussels communes, we collaborate with the bicycle courier service Dioxyde de Gambettes ('legs dioxide') or GO2.

GO2, a cooperative company with a social purpose, wants less car trafic in the city, less CO2 emission, less noise pollution, no dependency from finite, fossile fuels ... Their project matches beautifully with the sustainability principles of the Mundo centres.

And it's practical. With their bikes they are more mobile, because they're less hindered by traffic congestion and because they're allowed to use many one way streets. And then they don't need to look endlessly for a(n expensive) parking space.

CO2 also offers discounts for picking up more packages at the same address, something the organizations housed in Mundo Matonge and Mundo Trône can make good use of. For example, they bring all the outgoing Mundo mail to the post office.

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