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Mundo centers offer you a whole range of included as well as additional ICT services.

Included in the rent: a complete, centralized package with high quality telephone and IT:

  • In the office, at least one double CAT5 housing per 8 m² let
  • Access to an internet broadband line (SDSL or equivalent technology)
  • Information on how to configure computer settings to enable internet access
  • Your own telephone line
  • Telephone numbers up to one per 5 m² let
  • A predetermined number of telephone extensions, up to one per 8 m² let
  • Use of the IP Office telephone system (or an equivalent one)
  • Access to ISDN telephone lines
  • Information on how to configure phone settings and voice mail
  • A multifunctional network printerl
  • A reasonable level of reconfiguration of the IT system & network to suit your requirements
  • A reasonable level of support and training in use of the IT system & network and communally shared devices


  • Lease of telephones
  • Back-up of your data
  • Support of our IT specialist for your personal IT problems